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Vihaans tax compliance suite is a powerful, self-service solution for submitting online IRS tax forms as well as completing the Trade Bureau (TTB) and state alcohol and tobacco compliance forms and automatically mailing them to the required agencies. Our platform blends the advantages of cutting-edge technology with a simple, user-focussed design, resulting in a seamless tool that will save you time and money this year.

IRS, TTB, States, and Counties regulations require the completion of hundreds of forms regularly. Fortunately, our flexible, lightweight forms engine cuts through the complexity and enables users to submit numerous form types of IRS, TTB, and state agencies, making Vihaans tax compliance suite a true one-stop-shop for small, medium, and large businesses.

Additionally, our pricing structure and cloud-based platform provide users with significant savings and a firm control on IRS, TTB, state, and county reporting needs. Whether you're a small, medium, or large business owner, collaborating with Vihaans will allow you to say goodbye to other burdensome and costly solutions that keep you from connecting with customers and developing incredible products. Leave the administration to us!

- Vihaans Suite of Products

IRS & TTB Tax Compliance

Workseer - Self-service solution for completing Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) and States alcohol and tobacco compliance forms

    All TTB & States Compliance Forms & Operational Reports

    - TTB F 5000.24sm - Excise Tax Return Smart Form

    - TTB F 5110.11 - Monthly Report of Storage Operations

    - TTB F 5110.28 - Monthly Report of Processing Operations

    - TTB F 5110.40 - Monthly Report of Production Operations

    - TTB F 5110.43 - Monthly Report of Processing (Denaturing) Operations

    - TTB F 5110.75 - Alcohol Fuel Plant Report

    - TTB F 5120.17 - Report Of Wine Premises operations

    - More...

Taxseer - IRS approved & authorized vendor for e-filing form 1099, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095 B & 1095 C), W-9, 8809, etc

Truck Taxes - IRS approved & authorized vendor for e-filing form 2290, 8849, and 2290 Amendments

- Get IRS Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes

- e-File Form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims)

- VIN Correction

- Taxable Gross Weight Increase

- Mileage Increase

- About Vihaans Corporation

Vihaans Corporation (Powering Workseer.com, Taxseer.com, and Taxseer2290.com) is a leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider offering you the best cloud-based solutions to perform online filings of Forms 1099 series, W-2, ACA (1095-B & 1095-C), 2290, 8849 and many more. After the tremendous success of Taxseer, the IRS approved e-file solution, Vihaans corporation has released WorkSeer as a precursor in anticipation of the e-filing initiatives taken by the TTB, States, and Counties to accept compliance forms & reporting e-file. For a very long time, Alcohol industries have been struggling to find a solution that provides a single repository to manage the alcohol compliance requirements. Workseer caters to the need of alcohol & tobacco industries to easily submit online operational reports and compliance forms with the TTB, States and Counties. Taxseer uses a very unique forms engine to handle all IRS forms and the same engine has been used for the WorkSeer forms to provide the complex alcohol & tobacco form's solution to enable industry members to perform guided online filings with the agencies.

- Why Choose Vihaans Suite of Products

Wizard Driven e-Filing

IRS Approved eFile Vendor

We are the leading IRS approved eFile service provider

eFile to IRS & SSA

Wizard Guided Online Filing

Online Tax-Wizards guides user step-by-step to complete the information leaving no room for confusion

Print, Mail & eFile

Easy Integration With Third-Party System

Inbuilt EAI tool enables easy integration with other systems using standard interfacing techniques

Custom Excel Import

Cost Effectiveness

Our charges are competitive due to the efficient & well-designed online system that consumes less resources.

Adv. to Tax Professionals

Manage your customers through a single account

Tax professionals can manage all their customers under one single account

Great e-Filing Experience

Great User Experience

Our great User Interface design provides easy navigation allowing new users to immmediately become productive

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

We use SSL-encrypted connections for transferring sensitive information.

Cloud-Enabled Solution

Cloud-Enabled Solution

Extend the security, intelligence, availability, and agility of the application on cloud.

24/7/365 Availability

24/7/365 Availability

As part of our commitment to make Vihaans easy and convenient, we are always available.

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We are open from Monday through Friday daily from 9:00AM to 6:00 PM

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IRS approved e-file service provider for forms 2290, 8849, 2290 - Amendments, 1099 Series, W-2/W-2C, ACA (1095 B & 1095 C), & Extensions.